1982 Topps Kmart 20th Anniversary Baseball MVP Collector's Series 44 Card Set

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1982 Topps Kmart 20th Anniversary Baseball MVP Collector's Series 44 Card Set

INV ID: 8488

Produced by Topps and issued by Kmart, The 1982 Kmart 20th Anniversary baseball card set consist of 44 card that measure 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" The set features Topps cards of National and American League MVP's from 1962 through 1981. The backs highlight individual MVP winning performances. The co-winners for National League MVP in 1979 and special cards commemorating the accomplishments of Don Drysdale, Hank Aaron, and Pete Rose.

All cards are in Nr. Mint condition. Please Note: This set does not include box.

The set includes the following players:

1-Mickey Mantle: 1962 AL

2-Maury Wills: 1962 NL

3-Elston Howard: 1963 AL

4-Sandy Koufax: 1963 NL

5-Brooks Robinson: 1964 AL

6-Ken Boyer: 1964 NL

7-Zoilo Versalles: 1965 AL

8-Willie Mays: 1965 NL

9-Frank Robinson:1966 AL

10-Bob Clemente: 1966 NL

11-Carl Yastrzemski: 1967 AL

12-Orlando Cepeda: 1967 NL

13-Denny McLain: 68 AL

14-Bob Gibson:1968 NL

15-Harmon Killebrew: 1969 AL

16-Willie McCovey: 1969 NL

17-Boog Powell: 1970 AL

18-Johnny Bench: 1970 NL

19-Vida Blue: 1971 AL

20-Joe Torre: 1971 NL

21-Rich Allen: 1972 AL

22--Johnny Bench: 1972 NL

23-Reggie Jackson:19 73 AL

24-Pete Rose: 1973 NL

25-Jeff Burroughs: 1974 AL

26-Steve Garvey: 1974 NL

27-Fred Lynn: 1975 AL

28-Joe Morgan: 1975 NL

29-Thurman Munson: 1976 AL

30-Joe Morgan: 1976 NL

31-Rod Carew: 1977 AL

32-George Foster: 1977 NL

33-Jim Rice: 1978 AL

34-Dave Parker: 1978 NL

35-Don Baylor: 1979 AL

36-Keith Hernandez: 1979 NL co-winner

37-Willie Stargell: 1979 NL co-winner

38-George Brett: 1980 AL

39-Mike Schmidt: 1980 NL

40-Rollie Fingers: 1981 AL

41-Mike Schmidt: 1981 NL

42-Don Drysdale 1968 HL (Scoreless innings)

43-Hank Aaron 1974 HL (Home run record)

44-Pete Rose 1981 HL (NL most hits)




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